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Posted on 07-01-09 5:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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How could people tolerate a rapist being in such a Nepali conference? Either boycott the conference, where rapists like Ajay Kumar Dev are the members and terrorists like NEPE are giving some talk or, Just thrash these people out of the convention and make the convention enjoyable and knowledgeful. Whats your say guys?

The postings in this thread span 9 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 07-24-09 6:51 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Everyone on the thread agreed upon the decision made by Jury for the charges until she was 18.

Its the  600 - 700 counts of unforced RAPE with a 26 year old woman that is not believable. Quit posting irrelevant news to the thread. It is obvious that you are related to the accuser and your comments are biased. Otherwise you wouldn't give a life to this dead thread again.


Posted on 07-24-09 7:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Please stop making personal accusations. May be you're related with the rapist; that's why you're so much agitated by reviving this thread. Just because you're related to the rapist doesn't mean everyoneelse is related. 

I never made an argument about the counts and how many years of sentence should be given to him. I don't have any idea about it. Please show me my one biased comment.

You're not the one to give the definition of dead.

Posted on 07-24-09 7:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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malai lakhe chai haina sidster chai related to rapist jasto lagyo, and sidster how can you say nepal a shitty country ??? Are you a nepali??  Guys keep on updating, i am also egerly waiting for august 7th.

Posted on 07-24-09 8:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rachel Ji,

Naam chai Rachel rakhna pugna bhayecha tara lekhna chai nepali man pardo rahecha hajur lai..

Aba america jasto des ma 500 - 600 choti rape bhayo re 18 barsa nagheki keti lai, tyo pani yek choti pani chot patak nalagikana, teti matrai ho ra...500 - 600 choti to RAPE madhye yek dui choti ta...paisa liyera pani RAPE garayeko re...he he...tes mathi...Cali jasto thau ma khule aam ghumdai hidne, pheri pheri boyfried, saathi, ra hitaishi haru banauna nahichkichaune keti lai kasari yesto parna gayo hola ...?

Rahyo kura....18 barsa aagadi to RAPE haru, USA ko niyam le ramro sanga " statuatory rape" ko bakhya garya cha...tesaile guilty le USA ko niyam pauna parne mero biswas cha...tara yaha....kuro bhujna warna napari decision dina chahane tapar tuiya haru ko SEXIST comment haru matra khandan garya ho.


Posted on 07-24-09 9:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hey sidster

I don't see any point arguing with you, but if a girl is over 18,and have a bad character it means her father can do whatever he wants to do?? oh my !!! god bless your daughter.

Posted on 07-24-09 10:00 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Its the  600 - 700 counts of unforced RAPE with a 26 year old woman that is not believable."



Where did that come from?  She wasn't 26.  The rapes were from the ages of 15-20....  and remember, he was NOT charged with 600-700 counts.  He was charged with 1 rape per 3 month period for 5 years.... 

Posted on 07-25-09 6:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I dont see any point arguing with you either. But i want to make a similar idiotic point just like you made above about my non existing daughter.

If you have an father with bad character, can the daughter do whatevver she wants with him....i hope your father had enough blessings !!!!!!


Thanks for clearing the readers on the proportions on counts of RAPES. Let me make my stance clear. I thought that the initial charges of RAPES were 500 to 600 counts but the jury settled with ( 1 rape per three months or whatever)

US law is clear on sex with minor so i am not going to argue over whether all the sex counts they had before she was 18 was a RAPE or not.

But i have skepticism over the counts of charges after she turned 18. Especially, if the victim took money to get RAPED in some instances. If she took money to get RAPED, then, that to me is a clear cut reason to drop charges for all the rapes that happened after she turned 18. Those RAPES should not be protected under the " statutory rapes" defined for the minors.

I was disagreeing with the posts above where someone was comparing this with a brutal and forced rape of a 12 year old underprivileged girl in a third world country.


Posted on 07-25-09 10:57 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't know whom you're referring to by wanting to give decision. All my concerns is the relatives like you trying to protect the rapist. Can you give me your personal definition of "sexist"? I guess, you've your personal dicitionary for everything.

Regarding my posting to revive the earlier thread, I clearly mentioned the blaming the victim and protecting the culprit culture. It's not a question of third or first world country. These third world people also come to america and do shitty things, and moreover they try to assasinate the character of the victim like you are trying to do here. In the video above, the sister of victim made the similar argument that you tried to make here. First, she tried to question the character of the victim and second trying to protect the culprit by saying it's "Third-world country matter". Whatever the cunning arguments you'll try to bring here, I hope the justice will be prompty served.

Posted on 07-25-09 2:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Who is trying to protect the culprit here. I do not have any issues over the culprit getting " Statutory Rape " charges for RAPES ( consent or non consent)  that occurred before the girl was 18.

For the RAPE charges after she turned 18, in my opinion they are baseless because it was heard that she took money to get RAPED couple times, if one takes money to get RAPED, even once, that negates the remainder of 599 rapes. Victim's claim of 500 - 600 RAPES does not add up. Even Jury found the culprit guilty of  RAPES only  1 every three months period chargeable. I wonder what the other so called RAPES were about? Were they just fun RAPES? Let me use a Nepali term here, were the other rapes " doodhbhaat rapes" ( Sarcasm )

Is it logical to call just few encounters RAPES and the other encounters JUST FOR FUN encounters???? Use your head. To me its either all or nothing. It cant be few of them rapes and not the others

Why are you trying to connect a 12 year old girls rape in captivity with a 20 year old free running woman's rape???? Quit trying so hard to prove that i am related to the culprit, if you read through the beginning of this thread i was quite happy with charges put on the culprit. As more information were available i am changing my stance.

Last edited: 25-Jul-09 03:38 PM

Posted on 07-25-09 3:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nowhere was it even remotely brought up in court that she took money for sex.  It was alleged that he offered to pay her if she moved back home and continued to allow him to have sex with her.  She declined the offer.

The victims claim was that she was raped 2 to 3 times week for 5 years.  That is where the large number came from.  Because it would have been next to impossible to prosecute something that large, the DA chose to use a time frame and include a charge of rape within that time frame.

We had 94 counts to look at.  This included rapes, lewd acts, dissuading a witness, great bodily harm charges, and, some porn charges.  Not all of the charges were the act of rape.

During the entire time, she was threatened to be sent back to Nepal if she told and she was afraid. 

Posted on 07-25-09 4:01 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sid, I agree with you about the counts of rape. Regarding taking the money, I'm hearing from you for the first time. She was probably lured. I don't know. You mentioned the word "heard"; can court decide the things based on hearsay? I completely disagree that even if your scenario of taking the money for one time by her to be justified for dropping all other rape charges. The other terms, I'll seek is that Rapist was trying to do (by hook or crook) whatever he can to continue the crime he was committing with her. 

I didn't bring having relations; it's you who brought it first getting agitated by reviving this thread.

Regarding citing two other rape cases, it shows how the relatives of the rapist, and in one case even the sister, other family members of the victim tried to protect the rapist in the name of culture, family-relations,  society, etc. They'll then try to assasinate the characters of victim. I don't believe a single word about the alleged character of the victim by the relatives of rapists.

You accused others for rushing to decide. But it's obvious you're the one who wants to decide for the case.

Posted on 07-25-09 4:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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damn!! katra video raicha

Posted on 07-25-09 4:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"During the entire time, she was threatened to be sent back to Nepal if she told and she was afraid."

Does this define a RAPE. Sounds more like a sexual harassment than a rape. But again i am not a legal expert so don't know if this is a sexual abuse or a RAPE.

Posted on 08-07-09 9:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Check out how many years he will be behind the bar.........

Posted on 08-07-09 9:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Convicted child rapist sentenced to 378 years in prison

A convicted rapist was sentenced to 378 years and 4 months in state prison on Friday in Yolo County Superior Court.

Ajay Kumar Dev, 42, formerly of Davis, was sentenced by Superior Court
Judge Timothy Fall for his multiple count conviction of the rape and
sexual assault of his adopted daughter, beginning when she was 15,
between January 1999 and December 2004.

In June, a jury had convicted Dev of 46 forcible sexual assaults on the
child which under California law mandated full and consecutive
sentences. Fall sentenced Deve to the upper term of eight years for
each of those separates assaults finding that the factors in
aggravation, including the violation of a position of trust, outweighed
the sole factor in mitigation, the defendant's lack of prior record.

Dev was also sentenced to the legally mandated full middle term of two
years each for two separate acts of witness dissuasion against the
victim one of which occurred when Deve followed the girl back to their
home country of Nepal after she reported the crimes to the Davis Police
Department, according to Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig.

"A consecutive sentence of six years and four months was handed down
for six other non-forcible counts of chid molestation for which the
jury had convicted Mr. Dev," Reisig stated. "Judge Fall also sentenced
the defendant to the upper term of three years on twenty-two other
counts but the execution of those sentences was stayed pursuant to the
Penal Code."

Reisig reported the sentencing hearing was attended by a
large contingent of the defendant's family and friends as well as
members of the local Nepali community.

"Some of the jury members also attended the sentencing," Reisig
reported. "Three of the defendant's supporters along with the defendant
and his attorney Michael Rothschild made statements to the court on the
defendant's behalf. The victim did not attend the sentencing but her
victim impact statement was included in the report sent to the judge by
the probation department.

Source:  http://www.dailydemocrat.com/news/ci_13016695

Posted on 08-07-09 9:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Great!! May he rot in jail

Sidister, what part of rape you don't understand? It sounds like a rapist threatening not to tell. Don't you understand the meaning of threatening??

Posted on 08-08-09 7:54 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I'm lost for words, so many levels of emotins for people directly involved, I hope the lady victim finds some solance in the sentencing and hopefully she will get to live the life as normal as possible. Putting muself in the shoes of  the wife, daughter, the parents of the perpetrator of this crime, I do not want to tell him to rot in jail, he yielded to the most henious emotion against a helpless child, our society is so aghast of. I am just sorry for everyone involved.



Posted on 08-08-09 6:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kurley and ss74k, I don't know where you guys are from. Just look at the justice system in this country. Madoff, who damaged the lives of thousands, or may be even more, is getting sentenced for 150 years. And this guy, Ajay, who brought a poor girl from him home country in order to give her a better life - which she is currently enjoying - is getting sentenced for 378+ years. I have no right to say that Mr Dev is innocent as I do not have any first hand information. However, I strongly believe that this country's justice system is far from foolproof as manifested in many incidences of putting innocent citizens in the death row. Moreover, racism, which otherwise cohertly exists in abundance, has also manifested itself at least a few times thanks to the media. People delivering justice may not necessarily be ill-intended but they seem, at least in this verdict, quite ignorant; and, ignorance is as abundant as potato in this country. As I said earlier, I have no right to say that Mr Dev is innocent; however, I strongly believe that the appeal for reviewing this case, as being filed by Ajay's family, should be granted. By the way, I have gone through enough sources in the internet to come into this conclusion.

Posted on 08-08-09 6:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Eutaketa, What are you talking about? I guess you have no idea about Madoff, he didn't go through trail, he just pleaded guilty. Good for him to just plead guilty and save tax payer money to go through trial, as he already has wasted enough money.  He just made a deal with prosecutor as there was no way for him to get out of that mess.Had he gone through the trial, i wonder how much sentence he would have got. His  property was confiscated by fed.  Do you think our  government will arrest a curropt powerul person  like Madoff and put in prison for 150 yrs? What are you talking about racism? Do you remember the victim was daughter and Nepalese?

This Ajay guy went through trial, and he was convicted of many counts. If the jurors were wrong, the judge would have overturned. If you would have taken time to read what Allysma had written then you will know it is fair trial, she is one of the juror . Let me remind you if a person gets convicted of many counts, he or she gets sentence of each count.  That is how he was sentenced to 378 yrs.

I am now done with this thread..

Last edited: 08-Aug-09 07:08 PM

Posted on 08-09-09 8:00 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"if a person gets convicted of many counts, he or she gets sentence of each count.", !!, Exactly, Madoff might have ripped off 100's of people, but this person carried ot the same crime, to the same person, but for multiples of time time, which amounts to more crime commited than Maddof, and carries more time per crime. On top of that, although the family is appealing the case, unless it is reduced to less than total of lets say 40 years.....by when he'll be 80...something? Whats the point?

Anyways, very sad for everyone involved.....me too done with the thread. 


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