Posted by: s001 February 22, 2018
Urgent: dental insurance
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depending on your situation, it might cost $500 to $2000+ (if you don't have insurance)
if you don't do on time you might loose a lot of teeth

benefit of having insurance: even if you have to pay out from your pocket, The dentist cannot charge more than the contracted fee for allowed procedures. Your insurance company will determine the fee for the procedures.

Let's say for deep cleaning
if you don't have insurance they can charge whatever they want.
if you have insurance, but your insurance does not cover for this procedure, you have to pay from your pocket. They cannot bill you whatever they want, you insurance will take care of the charges and doctor can only bill you with the contracted fee for allowed procedures (which is cheaper than the bill that you receive without the insurance).

I know dental insurance is kind of useless unless you have problem
I pay around $50 a month and only get covered for my first $1500, rest I have to pay out from my pocket. But having insurance you will not get unexpected bill. For all the procedure insurance company have set amount with the dentist that they can bill you. That's why not all the dentist take all kind of insurance, or some dentist don't even deal with the insurance at all, you have to pay cash.
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