Posted by: karnali9 January 24, 2018
GC based on Marriage to US Citizen
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Include as much evidence as possible to prove that your marriage is legitimate. You do not need to include every item on the list, but more information will strengthen your application.

☐ The spouse’s driver’s licenses with matching addresses

☐ Most recent bank statement with both spouse’s names

☐ Property registered in the spouse’s names

☐ Lease or mortgage with both spouse’s signatures

☐ Utility bills with both spouse’s names and matching address

☐ Insurance policies with both spouse’s names

☐ Receipts for expensive items purchased together

☐ Affidavits from friends, family, colleagues that can confirm that you are married

☐ Postmarked​ envelopes and letters from family regarding knowledge of marriage

☐ Wedding pictures or family photos—2 copies with the date, occasion, and location on the back of each photo

☐ Certified copies of any children’s birth certificates

☐ Cards or letters to or from the petitioner and beneficiary

☐ Email exchange between the couple

☐ Phone records between couple

For more detail:

Additionally, you can also post your question and some professionals will reply to it.
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