Posted by: pokharelsan December 27, 2017
Where to find where I can invest?
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Everyone want to be rich and who knows what the next bitcoin will be? So i suggest to look on alt coins as well as stocks. I am not an expert though i do have some experience ( However I lost good amount of money) so if there is anything i can help on stocks or alt coins then let me know will try to do my best....

Also for the beginners who want to invest in the stock market, download robinhood app through the below link provided and i suggest may be invest a max of 20 dollars for couple of months and then look youtube videos read online news and get familiar with it and jump in the market with strategy and some money to make a huge outcome...

If anyone is interested on stocks then you can use my referral link which is posted below so that we will both get a free stock.

Happy investing and make tons of money :)
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