Posted by: controversial November 1, 2017
Now you tell me DV lottery should be stopped or not?
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sick of liberals excuses about "white guy did it too" bullshit. sick white guy killing - assholes but unpreventable ( they have been here 200 years, founded here, where do u send them?) immigrant killing - assholes but preventable ( arrived on foot or their parent came as refugees but right policy coulda woulda shoulda prevented!!)

another shit argument- any could've come as student, tourist. first resources would be very limited, 2nd, as green card holder this piece of shit has 3 children produced here possible future jihadist! he is a martyr now but americans will be keep feeding schooling (opportunities) his descendants wife and relatives. That is how muslim logic works. Diversity lottery was pushed by democrats in hopes that newcomers will be voting bank in future, plot twist now - he brought 23 more of his twisted ideology reciprocate to grow and feed in usa to multiply in thousands (these assholes don't believe in condoms either ) .
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