Posted by: magorkhe1 October 13, 2017
Best IT jobs for you
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Stop sending me inbox messages creating new login name who intend to get into my nurve. Keep it in your brain that I do not open and do not waste your time in if you are smart enough and your daily life is run by vengeance. If you are responding from foreign  land keep your sort out your priority and there were great advise to over come is yoga and meditation. 
 Sajha admin is moniting it and if offensive and filthy will block your IP address.
Do not enter Sajha with an ego like a child , no one but yourselves will suffer because your brain is paralyzed. 
Do you guys subscribe me? If so start unsubscribing may be the first step to steer your f**ked up brain to right directions. Hatrism will takes you nowhereचोरको खुट्टा काट भन्दा तिम्ले किन उचाल्छौ ?  
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