Posted by: seeker77 March 8, 2017
South east asian aryans now fearing white aryans in US
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You are stretching it too far. ARe you playing race card now? Where did I show my "ethnocentric feeling"? Nowhere did I say one race/ethnicity is superior to the other. I just pointed out the facts about buddha which are in historical accord. It is you who is having problems to accept buddha being a kshatriya guy. Truth is truth.

BTW, what was your original post intended for? Are you happy about the situation that all the brown people of the sub-continent are going to face potentially hard time here in the US? At least I get that inkling from your post. So, who is with ethnocentric feeling, you or I? Don't worry mate, it's just a matter of time. Don't be jovial unless you are white. For those rednecks all non-whites are the same, whether you are brown or chink. They despise equally.

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