Posted by: Yeap November 3, 2016
Pros and Cons living around Boston area???
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Thank you much magorkhe1 and mily, i Agreed magorkhe1, i am thinking to live for about 6 months around that area and decide.

Mily - Agreed to your comment no income tax, and it will be perfect the problem will be finding the mid place that is commutable for both place. I will be working in Manchester and my wife is planning to leave the Job here and she will be hunting for a new one, so meaning most likely will need to focus on bigger Job market (Boston with greater opportunity not sure how NH Job market is ?) so do you have any suggestion on the place that is commutable to Boston living in NH (1 Hour max from home to work) ? Lol @ if you are a Democrat, please consider living in NH to make it bluer. If you are a Republican, move to MA - no comments on that one just yet but this is interesting year for sure and we are watching closely but no matter who wins i will still have to pay tax !!!!!
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