Posted by: tito-satya October 4, 2016
Best IT Training Suggestion
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He is a crap! A lot of ego and attitude... he promises that you will get job 100%, but only few lucky will get it... and congratulation you turn out to be lucky. And yes, he teaches nicely but only covers basic topics. Spends huge amount of time in the beginning to explain simple things, but skips the major topics in a greater detail later on the course.

Yes, he makes you feel he taught you all but once you start working, you will know that he taught you nothing but basic stuffs only.

Another bad aspect of him is, he just thinks of money and knows how to manipulate people to get him earning. I know money is important but he goes beyond all the human emotions and sentiments to make money for him USING you. If he does not find you any useful in his money making factory, you are all dumped for good! Well, it is not bad to run after money, but, it is wrong to use other person, manipulate another person for his own benefits.

Oh yes, he has a good persuasive voice and a very very good English (of course in Indian tongue) and it does not take time to get persuaded once you talk to him or take his Demo session.

But paying $600 is a huge money, think 3 times before you spent that with Deepu.

Note: It is just my opinion which is purely subjective. What I perceived about him, that is what I stated here. You necessarily do not need to believe on me. Use your common discretion.
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