Posted by: paani_ma_paade_jasto April 1, 2016
Fake IT Professionals with fake resumes
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" I found a way to live with the blood on my hands. But, can you?" . This is from one of the divergent series. Faking resume is like that. Some can live with it and have no trouble at all.They can be glorified of it. But other can not accept it . If somehow they manage to fake it, they will be haunted for long long time. I bet everyone tells a lie in a life time, but those could be a very small lie that do not bother anyone (like lying to your siblings about their candy). It is in peoples' tolerance. Some people can tolerate only small lies , but some can manage to handle big lies easily. Time and circumstances may force you to lie big sometime. I love writing these things when I am drunk on corona. Just lied , and I am enjoying this lie. It is Jack Daniels lol.
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