Posted by: mangale March 2, 2016
Trump says " I will deport H1B, F1 status holder back, Get job back to americans.......
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Donald "Jerk"Trump

It will be 10 ft taller
It will be 5 ft deeper
There won't be creeper
Nor there will be crawler
& forget about those jumper
There will be no Swiss cheese border

We gonna build that wall
We ain't paying but Mexico shall
I am on high roll
Leading in each n every poll
I am the GOP leader poll has indicated
I have the support of poorly educated
We will make America great again
There will be more joy n less pain
There will be better bargain
Make America great again

Ban Muslims from entering America
Move their brown ass to Saudi Arabia
We will knock down ISIS
We will have less crisis
We gonna be friend with Putin
Vice prez will be Sarah Palin
We gonna repel obamacare
Don't have any plan but who do care
Cruz is liar, his pants are on fire
I've hired more than y'all will ever fire

Rubio is a choke artist
Who calls me con artist
Bernie is the communist
Hillary love Middle East
Politicians all talk no action
I better get GOP nomination
I got endorsed by Christie & Sessions
Sheriff Joe is my partner
Whom I promised Jennifer Garner

China is beating us on trade
I am not here to throw tirade
I am ready for the parade
When I win Great Country will be made
I will bring back jobs
Get ready rednecks to pick crops
Next time see me you better bow
Get your ass ready to milk some cow
All the illegals will be on way to Mexico
Gringos better learn to make some taco

Megan Kelly is a bimbo
I hate Univision & telemundo
Melanie is only my immigrant lover
I hired illegals to build trump Tower
I had opened Trump university
It went down crappy n shitty
But I am strong n gritty
My daughter Ivanka is hot n pretty
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