Posted by: Phoolbaari January 20, 2016
TPS-Pending in local office
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Something is not right. Asylum case should be independent of TPS. Here is what USCIS says:

Question: If a person already has an asylum application and has already applied for an
Employment Authorization Document (EAD) through asylum, should that person still apply for
Answer: An individual may apply for TPS while having a pending asylum application. In some
cases, applying for TPS, in addition to asylum, may be best because the person might lose the
opportunity to file for TPS if he or she does not apply during the 180-day TPS registration period
that ends on September 25, 2012. If the person already has an EAD due to a pending asylum
application, he or she does not need to apply for an EAD when filing for TPS. The applicant,
however, must submit both the Form I-765 (without EAD fee) along with the Form I-821 and any
fee, or fee waiver request. If the person is granted asylum as well as TPS, it is not necessary for
him or her to re-register for TPS if the designation is extended since he or she will have asylum,
as long as the person does not fail to maintain asylum status.
If you prefer to see whether your asylum application will be granted or denied before you apply
for TPS, you may be able to file late for TPS, provided that: (1) the Secretary does extend TPS
for Syria beyond September 30, 2013, and (2) you file during the extension period and within 60
days of the date that your application for asylum was denied. If, however, your asylum
application is denied before any extension period for TPS Syria is announced and the initial
registration deadline has passed, you may not be able to apply for TPS.
If you have questions about whether you should file for asylum, TPS, or both at the same time,
we encourage you to consult with a private immigration practitioner or recognized immigration
organization for further advice specific to your situation.
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