Posted by: HarvestMoon September 25, 2004
BBC expose of Sai Baba to be shown worldwide
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I watched this BBC aired program on Sai Baba just now. What I realized is that this Sai Baba guy has designed an access-proof padding of social services such as ashram for old people, fair-priced medical services, education, drinking water and what-have-yous from which millions have benefited. Would any beneficiary ever question his intention? Such a charge would seem preposterous to them. And that's his safety pad. Millions of them!! And within that cocoon of social service, his world of tricks, miracles and sex abuse thrived. I was shocked to learn that one of the founders of Hard Rock cafe Isaac Tigrett still considered Sai Baba his guru, acknowledging the possibility of Sai Baba being a paedophile, an abuser and a trickster!!! I practically reeled hearing such an admission! Love All Serve All (Sai slogan) written in the HRC logo! A supporter of paedophile?? A bl**dy criminal! And he's not the only one... What kind of gurus are people looking for these days? HM
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