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Being that someone that makes a difference: Neelima Manandhar
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Update: April 21st, 2013

I help this kid go to school campaign is ready to roll! Click here to make a purchase.


Based on the critical financial condition of the family, we have selected Sudin Ghaju to fund his education till grade 10 at Lord Buddha English Secondary School at Nagadesh, Madhyapur, Thimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal. About Sudin Ghaju:

Sudin Ghaju is 5 years old. He is from Nagadesh-6, Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal. He is attending Lord Buddha English Secondary School in L.K.G. There are 5 members in his family including him, 3 elder sisters and a mother. His father was only the person, who used to earn to support the family as a farmer. But, sadly they lost him recently. Therefore, their financial condition is critical. His mother, Dil Maya Ghaju (47), works now as an ordinary farmer in other's farm to support the family and earn less than $5 per day. It is difficult for her to send 4 of her children to school. Therefore, we have approached our helping hand to fund Sudin Ghaju for his education till grade 10 at Lord Buddha English Secondary School located at Nagaesh-6, Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal. We wish him all the very best for his school.

Our team would like to thank, the principal and teachers of “Lord Buddha English Secondary School” Nagadesh-6, Thimi, who collaborated with us and encouraged our project “help this kid go school”. We look forward to get support from all of you. Let’s unite together and be a part of this project “help this kid go school”.

Please help us in raising money by buying earrings and frames. All materials, time and effort donated by Neelima Manandhar. 100% of raised fund will be dontated for the child's education. (Minimal transaction fee and shipping fee will be deducted from final transfer.)

Please make payment for the frame or earring by choosing the correct option. The payment includes shipping and handling costs.

Thank you!
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Posted March 27, 2013


Neelima Manandhar was featured in sajha last year for her design aspirations of making practical artwork out of day to day recyclable goods. (See Feature page). Sajha is pleased to announce Neelima will be collaborating with to make a difference in a poor student's life. She is offering to make use of her time and effort to fund a child to go to school who would otherwise not be able to afford it. 

When we see a poor and desolate person we wish someone would help them out. We can always choose to be that someone. Neelima is being that someone that makes a difference. 

What is this campaign about?
We believe education is the most important factor that changes someone's life. This campaign is just an initiative to send a kid who wants to go to school and study. As, we all know the situation of our country where poor people in the village struggles to feed their family. We want to support a kid from a poor family who can not afford their son/daughter to send school.

To encourage and provide financial support for a kid to go to school till grade 10 and if we continue to get your support, we look forward to help him/ her to attend college too. 

The Action Plan:
We plan to raise fund by selling handmade products by Neelima Manandhar online. The fund raised will be dedicated towards the education of a selected kid till grade 10. We plan to provide two handmade products by Neelima Manandhar online for $15 each that includes shipping. 100% of the fund raised will be transferred over for the selected kid's education.

We are currently in the process of selecting a kid and school. At the mean time, we wish to get your full support as a team. Once selection is made, we will publish the details regarding selection including video and pictures. In keeping up with the tradition of sajha supported fund raisers everything will be transparent. This is an initial statement of intent. More information will be updated as they become available.

Please support Neelima in her selfless endeavour. 

Thank you.

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