Posted by: rameshbabu September 8, 2004
Sai Baba's crimes & his "SEDUCED" online video.
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Another one of these Sai Baba posts??...Isn't it even remotely possible that he may possess superhuman abilities?...He has millions and millions of people who follow his teachings which is no small feat...I doubt any of the people who have responded in this thread can get a following of five people, let alone millions...And I don't think he got people to regard him as a higher being by simply doing some magic and a couple of card tricks..I mean, do Americans regard David Copperfield as some sort of divine figure?..Hell no..And regardless of how gullible or stupid some of you believe that Indians and/or Nepalis are...there would not be millions of people believing in him as their spiritual guru if he was merely a magician... In the case that he is a fraud, give the guy credit..Gotta respect an old faggit staying paid and getting laid while taking advantage of idiots who are foolish enough to devote their lives to serving him..
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