Posted by: kanchime September 14, 2012
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Something like is bound to happen when it is run by all males and absolutely no knowledge or respect for women. 

Using "US(A)" in their title and not even acknowledging the American culture was also interesting. 

This is a great example of what "FRAUD" looks like. Great advertisement, even greater promises and in return, injustice and unfairness along with absolutely no professionalism. And where did all the sponsorship money go- not only over $30,800 from 28 participants but also from all the external sponsors, let alone the steep ticket prices for a crappy management.

Granted doing programs such as this takes a lot of time and effort but having absolutely no idea what they are dealing with, and making similar mistakes second time in a row, is not an excuse for a failed event. 

Instead of confronting the participants and showing genuine respect, these people not only run away from them, but take the constructive criticism very PERSONALLY and hold grudges against these girls and threaten that they will not receive any chance in "future projects/events" held by the Nepalese society. 

In this day and age, being in 21th century in the United States of America, the concern for our generation, is not how to impact our society and make a difference, but rather HOW TO MAKE THESE PEOPLE HAPPY PERSONALLY so one can move forward. 

Everything seemed decided and fixed, maybe that is one of reasons why the whole process was so rushed. Whatever the situation maybe, it is wrong for fraud events such as this to progress in future. 

And if there is NEXT TIME, maybe they will provide enough lights to the judges to see, so they can actually score correctly.
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