Posted by: mangale December 26, 2011
Job Offer
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@sleepless In my situation financial stability is the necessity. Having job will help. But the status won't help. So I was looking if there is any loophole that I could take that job while I'm in F1 status. I wont mind doing it part time and continue my doctorate as well. Having doctorate degree is certainly prestigous and you never know I could be a great scientist ;) but I dont want to go broke for next 5-6 years.

@camerapicture I was thinking the same. When the semester begins, I will talk to school immigration officer if they can issue me CPT. But I'm not sure if they will grant it since its not related to my field.

Also some queries :
1.Do I not have to finish at least 1 year before I can even apply for CPT?
2. If I work part time during CPT, how long can I work and can I still be eligible for OPT later?
Thanks in advance.

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