Posted by: Gabbar Singh November 26, 2011
College Football Pick'em 2011
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 No Problem Shivanagar bro, and yeah A&M lost, so no worries. Do you expect it to be a good showdown next week? I don't think LSU will field its entire strength (since they are already in the national champiosbhip, no matter what). But still, the depth of LSU team is so good this year that even back ups are capable of winning lot of games (eg. Hilliard is 4th string running back after Ware, Ford and Blue). Lee, after winning 8 games is now a back up. Jarvis Landry who was recruited as a wide receiver is now playing in special teams...Anyways, Bro, yatai tira aau na ta tyo game herna, k chha bichar????
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