Posted by: chi-sigma October 20, 2011
Academmic/Career advice needed...HELP
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--In order to get into a top-notch MBA school, you will need a lot of job experience(3-5) years. And many top ranked MBA schools, which are too damn expensive, do NOT provide any funding. So if your husband has a good job and income, may be you can try applying to these schools :)

--You can also apply to some lower tier MBA schools that are relatively easier to get into.

--You definitely need to take the GMAT to get into a decent MBA program in the USA.It does not matter where your undergraduate degree is from, you definitely need to take the GMAT. Some non-accredited universities may not ask for the GMAT, but there's no use in pursuing a degree from such schools.

--You can learn more about GMAT and gradaute studies in business at

--It will be tough to find a job here with a BBA from Nepal.

--If not MBA, you can join programs like MS/PhD in Accounting, Finance, MIS or other business related fields. Students in these programs usually get scholarships/fundings compared to MBA program. But the scholarship depends upon your undergrad GPA, GMAT score, personal statement and other factors.

--Regarding VISA switch, I have heard that you have to do some paperwork to switch from F-2 to F-1 and vice versa.

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