Posted by: Nas October 3, 2011
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"I still think there is a narcissism in your online persona"

Umm.....May be or May not be. It's just a matter of your own perception. I take it like this. If you are telling a story about things that you did in your life, things that you experienced in your life to your brothers and friends, I don't think your brothers and friends will start labelling you as a narcissist. Matter of fact they will be excited to know more.  Likewise in Sajha, I have lot of friends with whom I feel comfortable to share my experiences, my anecdotes, crack few jokes and moreover laugh over myself.  For I believe that if I could laugh over myself than the world will laugh with me. Laughter is such a powerful healer. But then there are some who just could not withstand someone being happy with himself, enjoying in his own solitude and in his own words. I tend to feel that these are the same people who pick on me, label me thousand different tags becaue their lives are as empty as their words, their words without essence and their essence without any substance because their existence has itself been utterly futile in this virtual Sajha world and may be beyond.

I try to seek virtues in others so that I could see fault in myself . When I see my faults, I could start correcting it. May be that's why everyone is so against me here in this Sajha Virtual World for I have been just me and nothing but me and true to myself.

" I doubt it is that prevalent in your real life though."

I'm no different in real life than that what I am in this virtual life in my principles. You would be surprised, all my friends know about my Sajha Shenanigans but they never speak to me about it because I have been so successful in separating my virtual life with real life. That is why I am here in Sajha for almost 9 years. If I am a man of many words in virtual life, then I am a man of few words in real life because in real life I don't speak much, I listen and I listen very carefully.

In real life no body has criticized me as I have been criticized in Sajha but then no one has praised me as I have been praised here.

"few fan following"

I will pick my word carefully here. Atleast give me "Queit a few fan following" if not "few Gazillions fan following"....
If you know what I mean.

If you could spare me more of your time, I would like you to go through this post. This is one of my rebuttals to "म वादी" the sameway you have so gracefully accused me of being one.

With Reference To:

Question by Dhostai @ साझा डट कम को प्रजातन्त्र को परिबद्धता
[snapshot 927]

"Why do you always write about yourself?(Just curious) I did this, I bought this, I went here and there ,these many girls followed me and so on and so forth.Everywhere you write (I/my/me/Mine). its like "म वादी" . Are you getting what I am saying? But nothing personal." -

Ok, I will try to be as diplomatic as possible and as intellectually sound as possible. 

“Why do you always write about yourself?(Just curious) I did this, I bought this, I went here and there ,these many girls followed me and so on and so forth.” 

Reading those sentences, I just have to ask your forgiveness because I tend to believe that my posts have been an utter nuisance, irksome, irritating, annoying to you. If I am wrong in my belief, I am sorry but if I am right in my belief, I am sorry again. 

So why do I “always write” about myself and write about “I did this, I bought this, I went here and there ,these many girls followed me and so on and so forth” ? I do that because I just do it for no special reason. I do that because I have a miserable life so I pick the best and interesting part of my miserable existence and share with my “fans” (if I may, just to add insult to the injury). I do that because I have an interesting life so I pick the worst and uninteresting part of my interesting existence and share with my friends ( I consider them my friends and not my “fans”). So I am sorry. I am sorry because my posts have been bothering you so much so that you had decided to spend some of your precious time out of your important existence and bless me with your kind question. I could only be thankful for your time and your question. 

All I have been doing in my sajha virtual life is just be me, myself and I. That’s it. I don’t bother others and don’t get bothered by others but yet others are so bothered by my existence in Sajha. I just don’t seem to get it. I just don’t understand why folks can’t leave me alone in my miserable state here in Sajha. I just can’t understand why they can’t just ignore this “retarded bastard”. I just utterly fail to understand why folks can’t just mind their own business. 

You asked me “why do you always write about yourself?”. I am asking you why don’t you. If you can’t then, let others write about themselves. And what’s wrong in "म वादी". People write thousand pages autobiographies ! So it makes them a "म वादी” according to you ? May be you ought to consider Nas is doing the same here in Sajha. May be he is writing an autobiography. May be he consider Sajha as his own personal blog. May be Nas is the owner of Sajha or part of Sajha Team to keep this website interesting. Just May Be. 

When Nas is saying, he ran top of the line websites he did run it. When Nas is saying he is being playful with strippers, he did it. Those are only tid-bits of my life. So I don’t see anything wrong sharing it to my friends in Sajha. I feel bad that you don’t consider me as your friends. My friends love my stories. You would have loved it to only if you have considered me your friend. You would not have been annoyed over my posts if we were friends. If you are not annoyed, good for you. If you are infact annoyed, sorry can't help it.

I am proud of my accomplishments in my life even if they mean insignificant to others but I am humble when I acknowledge it. I am not the kind of person that enjoy tuting his own horns. But sometimes I like to point out to the facts of my life. Please don’t bite my finger while I am doing it. 

Just take an example in Sajha. Look at the number of subscribers Nas have, look at the "Hall of Fame" and look at the number of my friends here in Sajha who consider themselves as my “fans”. Look at the new “Nas’s Corner”, the token of appreciation by our beloved and generous “Haakim Saap”. How many of others can point to these accomplishments ! May be they mean nothing to them ! May be they mean something to me ! I was quitting Sajha for good. Browse through many of the posts in Sajha by my “fans” (my beloved friends) asking me to return and breath a fresh life to this “dull” website. Don’t blame me. Blame them for asking me to return where I belong to. (Blame as in good way ni feri mero saathi haru bamakela… he he ) 

So when I say I excel in whatever I do, I am not boasting. I am just stating the fact. 

May be some folks saw it in me which you could not see. As collegefootballrocks bro says “Keep up your personality NAS. You are one of the gems of SAJHA". 

When the lights hit the “gems”, they can’t help themselves but sparkle. Don’t blame the “gems”, blame the lights ! 

Last but not the least, it's never personal with me like you said.....but would like to add..... it's only a business. (There is a recession out there ! I need to survive. I need to keep my blog interesting. I need to get those hits. If you know what I mean !)

With all the brotherly Love I have for you.

Just to add some more fuel to the fire while I am at it.

"sajha without nas is like computer without internet , class without teacher, car without gas" - rajeshdai

"Nas is a once in a life phenomenon in a site like this" -  YoTaBhayanaNiSom

"out of thousands of Sajha Users, NAS has a unique Charater of his own..his thread headline..writing style and presentaiton..its wonderful..( like he said nothing personal)...and his own opinion..." -     Sexy In Sari

“I equally admire him for his creativity, profound knowledge and versatility pertaining to the threads he initiates. If you go through the content of his other threads other than the one that are porn-related, he writes and validates his arguments in such a style, it takes light years for you guys to imitate it." - Jet Favre

"yOu aRe a LEgeNd." - meh_nepali

 "There is no wonder NAS is superking. Sajha needs few of them to keep it alive." - stat

 "Nas dai you are a legend!!!" - cajunboy

"Nas is the God !!!" -
YoTaBhayanaNiSom (Ha Ha, I love this one )

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