Posted by: Stiffler October 3, 2011
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Nas brother.
I still think there is a narcissism in your online persona; I doubt it is that prevalent in your real life though. But whatever it is, you sure are honest about it. No wonder you have few fan followings here in Sajha.
Anyway, I’d have taken you up on the “Heine” proposal, had we been talking in our real life; would have been an honor. I rarely agree with what you have to say but I believe that just because somebody doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean he doesn’t make sense. I have to admit, I liked Dr. Ron Paul but you are the reason why I listen to him more now. I don’t agree with all his philosophies of course (and there are few uber radical ones there), but he does make sense on few.
Going back to the beer proposal, who knows we might have already crossed our path in one of the Manhattan bars?? Do I need to bring Samsara bro here? Wink wink.
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