Posted by: Eagle5 January 14, 2011
did she cheat me?
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Unfortunately, promiscuous habbit of both Nepali guys and girls is becoming so pervasive. End of day girls will be on the losing  side. Girls in the name of liberty, independence and freedom has gone too far, not to mention thier provoking dress up and wild parties.

I find US gori girl very decent in front of our bedizen girls. Our girls show so much of their skin even in the school disregarding school etiquette- "cover up your body when you go to college/school".-they certainly need to know " where/how to dress how /where?" Guys are some are bhukhas and some are bokhas, irrespective that if a girl is not ready to spread her legs, they bhukaism and bokhaism would not do any harm. ( Yeah someone will say what is your problem, it is free country let them dress the way they want etc etc-if you have only this much to say, then I will say please share your party picture with your Dad or Brother and be happy:-)

It is true that in gerenral, guys have become more responsible after coming to US and girls has gone exactly otherwise. No Offense but this is true.

Those girls who think why guys have only fun, you can also have fun but beaware of the consiquences. In ANA how may 30+ girls we see looking for a nice guy, if  you want to join the club then I do not have to say!

God bless you guys and girls! Have a nice weekend.
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