Posted by: thapar20 December 23, 2010
Movie List (Non-Netflix)
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Hello virusno 1,

I am concerned with your comment that downloading movies from torrent is illegal. I do download movies from torrent a lot. If it was illegal then why these torrent websites are not closed yet by court order. My favorite torrent is, and I think downloading is not an illegal but sharing and selling is an illegal act. My friends recommend me not to seed once I download and delete movie once finished watching. I read this article where a guy who used to seed the movies after downloading later got in trouble. There was news back in CNN where a woman was fined almost a million dollar for downloading music without authorization. But the question is if no one seeds then how we can download. Personally to be safe, I never seed once I download and once I finished watching movies, I remove them completely and I prefer saving music in memory drive not in my computer.  There are millions of people downloading, and it’s very rare to get in trouble. Saying this also, I always get scared when I am downloading movies.

Thanks Kalo_Chasma, it was good one.

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