Posted by: samarthan August 10, 2010
Bhutanese issue
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I do not know if it would be fair to draw parallel between Jews and Nepali (I am not sure why the word "Nepali" is used for Khas speakers of Bhutan, I would appreciate if anyone could explain it) in Bhutan.

The Bhutanese Nepali community is the community of hard working and honest people, who love their country Bhutan as much as the Dzonkha speakers do. They have a lot of contribution to develop Bhutan. They founded bed rocks of the modern Bhutan. Unlike Jews, Bhutani Nepali community were not investing or building the nation for their benefit only. Their economic contribution was dedicated for the entire Bhutan.

The problem with them was the social problem. The Dzonkha speakers were threatened by the unwillingness of Nepali community to accept and accommodate their cultural and lingual pride. This seems to be the major point of conflict. But the way they dealt with this problem is not acceptable to me. If the Dzonkha people blame about unwillingness to integrate, I want to ask, what did they (the Dzonkhaa) do to integrate them (the Nepali) before charging the blame against the Nepali?

There is still a large number of Khas speakers in Bhutan, who are not forced to leave out but are forced to mold them into Dzonkha culture. With this refugee problem unsolved, the Dzonkha speakers now have upper hand in Bhutan, and perhaps a dominating attitude toward Khas speakers. The Dzonkha speakers should not try to kill "Khas" language and culture either. I think, it is now the responsibility of Bhutanese refugee to make this issue heard around the world and save their countrymen from the cultural encroachment of Dzonkha.

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