Posted by: half_kattu May 26, 2010
Why hate Dhotis?
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Yah right. I saw your homework.You cannot judge someone based on search results from wiki or google. Everyone knows about Nepalese media vs Indian media. And just compare the size of India vs Nepal. Due to the British colonization India has better infrastructures and is renowned all over the world and their culture is well known all over the world. Because of the cultural similarities most dumb westerners still think Nepal is also part of India because India is one of the big brothers in South East region.

Nyu Bajracharya has his own talents and they both cannot be compared. There are many factors for his less fame than Ustad. Lets call him unfortunate. You cannot compare Narayan Gopal with Eric Clapton based on the fact that Eric Clapton is known all over the world vs NG only in Nepal. If Narayan Gopal would have gone to India he would have been a well known celebrity too. Media and scope is the main factor guys.
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