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Nepali **fake** Veterans. Be aware!!
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The abuse of disability claims within the Gorkhey community is a serious issue that must be addressed immediately. It is essential to recognize that manipulating the system for personal gain not only undermines the integrity of disability support but also diverts essential resources from those who truly need them. Such fraudulent behavior is illegal and carries severe consequences, including the possibility of imprisonment, as clearly demonstrated by the recent case highlighted below.

Let this serve as a stern warning: the law will catch up with those who engage in such deceit. It is crucial for everyone within the community to uphold ethical standards and report any suspected abuse. Strict enforcement measures are in place, and they will be utilized to their full extent to combat any misuse of disability benefits. The community must work together to ensure that support systems are not compromised by the selfish acts of a few.

Act responsibly and ethically; do not let short-term gains lead you down a path of legal repercussions and societal disdain. Remember, preserving the integrity of our welfare systems is vital for the well-being of all community members, particularly those who depend on these supports the most.

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