Posted by: harkhe7 May 9, 2022
Balen Shah and the hype
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I really want to ask you sajhites - would you really vote for Balen Shah if you were in Kathmandu? I ask this question because I have reservation about Balen Shah's leadership and more specifically management capability. I am not questiong his singing ability and larger than life personality. He seems like a dude that you want to have a beer with! However, I don't have know anything about his management ability/skill other than he "wants" to do good and get rid of oldies. I have a child, and I am not comfortable about raising my child in a city run by some famous singer. He just doesn't seem to have track record in management. And, managing a city of about 2-3 million people is not a easy job. And, on top of that Kathmandu has been poorly managed for decades. The trash everywhere is a proof of that!

What do you think? Do you really think that this young man can take care of business for the betterment of your children's health and education? I understand that at the end of the day you have to pick best candidate among the running candidates. The ideal candidate is usually not the ballot box. Who would be your choice and for what reason?
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