Posted by: shekhar143 April 3, 2022
Actually i decided to leave for good
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Bennedict may be you r not family oriented n u dun care about them! U really dun care about parents brothers n sisters! May be u only care about your wife n children! May be u r happy to get applause from fake people who r here with u just coz u have money n status! U will realize that those connections are there as long as there is given n taken from each other! N honestly the people of this country will always look us as a poor immigrant who come here for a American dream! They think we cone here for better life! Even if u have millions they will look upon as u as a immigrant trying to make it! They thin we didn’t have food n shelter back home! Screw that my Nepali dream is way better than American dream! Work work pay tax n make other country rich but no help to Nepal!
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