Posted by: username619 September 15, 2021
TPS question on immigration legislation pass by House Judiciary Committee today!!
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Galactus, Nepal123 -- so I went to Nepal in 2017 and reentered using F1, when I had was in both F1 and TPS!! I didn't use the advance parole at that time, and that would break continuos presence if we are counting from 2017/1/1 but the bill doesn't say continuous present from 2017/1/1 -- and that's where i got confused, but if we are just talking about 3 years continuous present in TPS, then by today 2021 I should be continuously present for 3 years in TPS -- if that makes sense

does it gonna affect me since I went and came back in f1 but have been continuously present for 3 years till today?
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