Posted by: qlikview226 September 8, 2021
ROTH or 401K
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Need some advise. Me and my wife works fulltime with stable job. we make roughly 210K annually before tax. we do have traditional 401K. our company matches 3 at full rate so we both have 3% contribution on 401K. now we would like to open Roth IRA with max contribution which is 6000 yearly,

My question is should we contribute more in 401K and max out and put rest on ROTH or maxed out on ROTH. We want to have both account but confused how much to distribute in both account.

- There will be 2 account with same amount of contribution
-We don't own home but planning to buy end of this year.
-We do have some passive income on side which is 1000-1500 monthly

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