Posted by: p14nd3m1c May 28, 2021
5 questions to ask your friends who plan to get the Covid vaccine
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Rockey it's not surprising that you keep re-repeating conspiracy conspiracy it's getting a bit repetitive but anyways, here's what I have to say.

Thesedays the corporations and the profiting collaborators in politics use the term conspiracy so loosely yet the people like you who are conditioned to obey, comply and act fanatic in your beliefs will never be able embrace common sense as opposed to fanaticism.

Let's take for example the recent developments which have caused people to believe that the covid vaccine is man made. Even Biden now is spending public money to investigate it. Do you remember a year ago, social media and mainstream media were actively blocking any questions that asked if Covid was man made. Facebook blocked many posts and even people who were spreading the conspiracy that covid was man made.

Yet in such a short time the whole narrative is turning against fanatic believers when mainstream media changes their stance and now says "oh it's not a conspiracy anymore, it's possible that covid was released accidentally from wuhan lab"

This is only one recent conspiracy that blew up in your face. There have been a lot more in the past.

Secondly, SM-102. This was something that Jogest had posted. I urge you to at least read who said what before you accuse someone of saying something they didn't.

Thirdly, about history of journalists. It's possible that they came up with all sorts of things during their lifetime. When I share ONE story from a journalist, I am sharing that one piece of article. Many times mainstream journalism try to throw people under the rug if they do not parrot the mainstream narrative. But as a sensible and logical person you have to look at the point that is being made and try to see if the point is accurate or not. So if you have any points to make about that Ben Swann video I shared, be sure to mention it.

Even you may have lied at some point in time but that does not mean that you may not say the truth at other times. So you have to consider the point that is being made instead of falling for the media brainwashing that will try to turn you into a closed minded person who will obey and comply.

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