Posted by: RamkumarPoudel April 29, 2021
Seeking some advise from Ramkumar
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Don’t worry about exhaust leak. Call exhaust or muffler shops around - Spanish friend.Unless your state requires the inspection and exhaust leak had causes noise and engine issues. I believe Camry has 4 - engine coil, the toasted engine coils could have destroyed the spark plugs as well. I guess replace the broken coils and spark plugs again. Check the engine coil module. It could be computer fault that passing too much voltage. I doubt you have destroyed the engine. It won’t start cuz there is no combustion- your coil and spark plug is toasted. Your could always negotiate diagnosis fees in the service bill. Call shop little little further off the city. Also remember it’s engine related, so I would not cheap out. Let’s us know what you come out with?
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