Posted by: p14nd3m1c April 27, 2021
Pfizer Chief scientist says those who took vaccine will die in 3 years
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Mike Yeadon worked at Pfizer a decade ago as a Respiratory scientist and a Vice President. Geert Vanden Bossche is a phd in virology. They seem to carry good background on covid. When I see things like this, I wonder firstly what do they have to gain versus any other parties that are involved.

Covid has not been very clear right from the start. If covid was a pandemic, how is it possible that there are people all over the US using public transportations touching door handles and all sorts of things but the number of infections are decreasing. Florida infections less or similar to other places where mask was requred and lockdown was in place. There are too many unknowns about covid but one thing that is known is that the companies that make the vaccines make billions of dollars as the vaccine needs to be given multiple times to billions of people.

What does Yeaden and Bossche have to gain? Nothing at all. In fact they will be ridiculed, thrown aside in their career and society. They have a lot to lose but they are coming out with that information risking everything they have worked for all their lives. They are lonely crusaders against a billion dollar industry that is already making billions off these vaccines. These industries collaborate with media, politicians to spread any information they want.

Nothing is 100% certain but certainly something to think about.
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