Posted by: salamkrishne March 16, 2021
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@adhikari_bandhu ji, Logan दाजु and other friends did not understand op's question, it seems.
Musya wanted to bring money from Nepal to the US. And, people are will to give him/her money in US with just a promise (without occuring it) that musya' s relative will deposit the money in Nepal. His/her question is how come people so easily agree (in exchange for a PROMISE) to give musya a big sum of money, and WHERE do they get such big money?
My answer is : US is still the most attractive place to invest, and an easiest place to make tons of money as long as you work hard, and you are favored by luck. I don't know about the "easily agree- PROMISE" part above. Perhaps people want to avoid paying money transfer fee to send money to Nepal, and willing to take informal route.
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