Posted by: mangale January 14, 2021
Automatic green cards to TPS & (DACA) -Biden Humane Plan
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@butternuts squash This bill gonna pass House no matter how Bogaloo GOP members oppose (they will oppose anything with word immigrants). So Senate has 51-50 majority of Dems after Kamala Didi tie breaker vote given Joe Manchin do not break with Dems. If lying Ted & Josh Hoe'ley filibuster , it needs 60 votes to pass Senate. Since majority of American support legal pathway to Dreamers (DACA) , Senate will have bipartisan support. It didn't even reach to the Senate floor before because Turtle neck Mitch the former Donald Duck bitch won't bring it to the floor being a majority leader. Now his turtle neck shrunk to the size of his own testicles because Chuck U Schumer will be the majority leader and he will absolutely bring it to the Senate floor. I am counting on 51 + ( 9 Republicans to vote on this Bill) 9 republicans that are likely to vote are: Romney, Rick Scott , Rubio, Susan Collins, Liza M, Mitch, Lady G, Sasse, Scott may be). In the worst case scenario, Nuclear option is there. But GOP would rather vote their conscience since the crazy tRump is out of office and nobody there to grab their Grand Old Pussies (GOP)
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