Posted by: wegalzrock December 2, 2020
Fox News: Wear the Damn Mask, it is not political issue but a public health issue.
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@Nas bro khai hajur over janne hunu bhako ho ki over confident that you know more about covid than the actual researchers. I'd rather be labeled as Gullible while following the CDC guidelines than getting covid and suffering from it. It's a no-brainer for me. MASK effectiveness ko kura gari halnu bhayo, maile tannai mask kinera rakheko chu. Tyo mask use ta garnai paryo ni haina. Baru hajurlai chaincha bhane i have pretty good stock of hand sanitizers, mask, disinfecting wipes. Also brother we need complete lock down like New Zealand had when the pandemic first started. Ani balla i can see covid cases going down. They need to shutdown everything completely for a month or two. If you only care about economy, think about how much it's costing Americans who have to pay out of pocket for all those ventilators and hospital services when they get covid. If we want the economy to go back to how it was, we need to shut it for few weeks.
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