Posted by: wegalzrock November 26, 2020
Fox News: Wear the Damn Mask, it is not political issue but a public health issue.
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Nas bro "covid is not as dangerous as we are led to believe" bhannu ra "voters fraud" bhayo bhannu eutai ho. Both are not true. Covid le garda a friend of mine cannot hug her daughter ad husband because she has to be on isolation. Why don't you understand that you wearing mask is going to protect me from getting your virus and vice versa. If everybody wore masks and stopped acting ignorant, that would be super helpful in containing it. If covid is not dangerous bhanne ho bhane how about we willingly inject those people with covid and see if it's really dangerous or not. And i hate to say this bro, but tyo list ma tapai pani parnu huncha. And yeah whoever says covid is a hoax, they don't deserve ventilators.
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