Posted by: nepalikahilo2020 November 19, 2020
About some Nep Trumpers
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@Polisci: You brought up really good points here. I see many folks here blinded by hate towards Trump so much that they don’t even question who they are supporting. I see people belittling Trump Supporters as if they are saints for supporting Biden and have fulfilled their sacred duty by voting for Biden.

@ Sajha Keto: Not pointing fingers at you brother but what does their background have to do with whom they can support or what their political beliefs should be like? Can we hear from you, why you support Biden ?
I was a student myself and worked my way up to have a stable career here in US. But when I look back, I feel like I also lied to US government because I said I was going to go back to Nepal after I finish my school. But here I’m, enjoying the greatness and freedom of this beautiful country. So, please stop being judgmental about the people’s beliefs no matter how they got here or how they got their US residency.
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