Posted by: Sajha keto November 16, 2020
About some Nep Trumpers
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Never thought of writing this thread here as I thought the election was over on 3rd but met couple of Trump supporters over the weekend and got to know why they support Trump and voted for him:
First guy: entered US iligally from mexico traveling more than 13 countries, filed asylum, got GC and became citizen 4 years back. Reasons to support Trump is he is doing great job on everything including iligal migration.
Second guy: came US in student visa, left school, filed asylum, got GC and then citizenship. Reasons to vote Trump is (in his own words) "धोती र नेपाली अति नै धेरै भए। नेपाल मा नि भ्याल्यु घट्यो अब त अमेरिका बस्छु भन्दा"
3rd guy: migrated with his DV. He got his own brother's family and जेठान को family here with DV too.
Heard that he called his younger brother faking a marriage (१ जना डिभी परेकि लाइ पैसा तिरेर फेक विहे गरेर छिरेको) but I don't have any proofs. Reason: ट्रम्प ले हुन लागेको वार रोक्यो उत्तर कोरिया सग। चाइनिज ले अमेरिका लाइ टेक वोभर गरिसकेको थियो,ठिक ठाउँमा ल्यायो। मनको एकदमै सफा लाग्छ ट्रम्प
4th: entered in student visa, followed regular students path like h1b gc. Civil engineer, pay was far less than what IT wala make it. Started IT job after receiving GC. Reason to vote Trump: "साला धोती हरुले पुरै खाए IT. वोबामा ले सबै बिगारेर हो। पहिले यतिको चै थिएन। आजकाल हल्का ठिक हुँदै छ फेरि उही बनाउछ वाइडेन ले. स्टक नि बबाल भयो। ट्रम्प आइकन मैंले स्टक सुरु गरेको,२०-२२ हजार प्रोफिट भइसक्यो। जे होस् वाइडेन भन्दा चै राम्रो गर्छ"
There were other two folks who voted Biden and their main reason was the racisms after Trump got elected in 2016.

When I told them that I will post this on sajha, one guy said people who supports Biden in sajha are either students or visa holders working illegally
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