Posted by: ujl September 24, 2020
कति शक्तिशाली छ त नेपाल? कतिवटा देशलाई हराउन सक्ला त?How powerful is Nepal?Top 10 powerful countries
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You can easily answer that questions by looking at the present scenario of Nepal. China and India are encroaching Nepal's land, and Nepal is not able to do anything about it! To be specific, Nepal is weak, pretty weak. If India and China attack by their missiles, Nepalese do not have any idea on how to save their nasty butt from such kind of attack. Politicians are busy appointing thugs and mafias in the parliament! I do not see a positive vibe for Nepal. Future looks dark for Nepal unless these thugs and mafias are wiped out by Corona sh*t.

When a society doesn't know how to integrate science and technology with its traditional culture, such a society will collapse sooner or later. Because when sh*t hits the fan, there won't be any heroes left in such societies.
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