Posted by: logan September 19, 2020
renting room in woburn
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Nimas: Are you advertising or you are looking for a place to live? Your 5 words may go either way. Looking for a rental place or your are renting.
I think you are offering a place for rent and your ad does not make good sense about it. It needs to be little bit deskriptive : Rent amount, what will be the living situation, sharing kitchen rest room, wifi , how far from T station, is parking available or not and so on. This will help potential customer to decide and come forward.
Any body has studied marketing? In old school of thought, if you make good mouse trap customer will buy it without any other consideration, which is outdated.
Titepati: you did not let Nimas where you can advertise it but you throw an tantrum not able to spend $10. ? Why do you think it is not okay to advertise in Sajha? S/He must have targeted population which is Nepali and if you can advertise free why pay even a PENNY?
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