Posted by: madaal March 4, 2020
quatar airways nyc ktm
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forget about the quarantine, now i realized quatar is the worst airline to travel, because they are the only airline in middle east that is doing a regular massive flight to iran and same aeroplane makes multiple flight to countries like nepal, bangladesh pak afgsnistan india etc . because our government dnt care. how can one imagine tavelling in shup closed plane for hours. WHO has warned that most corona transmision are via aeroplane, crusie and trains where people are close for hours without proper ventilation. breating same air with those who are infected. children and elderey people almost die once u get positive. healthy young male has more change to survive . quarantine or not, whether corona ireus decline or incline fast few months i am no way travelling atlest for 4 months no matter. im trying hard to get full refund if not ill postpone my travel until dashain. u live only once , sorry not taking any chnace , cant breath same air with infected people for 18 hrs in closed plane
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