Posted by: gandharba December 15, 2019
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I am considering sending the Car Insurance bill that I paid throughout the year.
---try to send additional corroborating evidence as this will most probably be your only chance to satisfy the officer regarding your residence

I was more concerned about the first Part in which I have to establish I was in valid immigration status and was granted voluntary departure or relief. So that confuses me

---I do not understand what you are referring to , I do not see the entire letter. All I see is the generic criteria listed which do not necessarily mean that USCIS finds those area deficient in your initial filing.

@Dari madam, I have seen people approved for Late Initial Application. You never know what $135 and a dream can do for folks struggling with status. In worse case, they will lose $135. There is no point in discouraging fellow Nepalese with laws/ USCIS policy that do not necessarily say that you can't file late initial application without projecting the Policy's implication.

Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer. Please consult with an experienced attorney for your matter. I will not be responsible for the action you take or refrain from taking because of my response above.

Thank You
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