Posted by: gandharba December 5, 2019
Asylum case got terminated because of TPS
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mero asylum case jun chai court ma( this month) individual hearing ma thiyo, judge saab le case nai tapai ko TPS cha bhanera terminated gardinu bhayo. tapai haru koi same situation ma parnu bha cha....

===> are you sure your case was Terminated and not 'Administratively Closed"? If it was Terminated, why did you (your counsel) agree with termination? Was it because your case was so weak that it would have most probably been denied?? If no, then did you appeal termination order?

mero understanding ma ma aba only TPS ma chu ani AP lieyera travel chai garna pauchu jaba samma TPS cha.................
===> Jab takk hay Jaan oops TPS

arko question, TPS bata labor lieyra adjustment of status garna milcha? I have heard in some states its possible. Ma New york ma ho, asylum case ra TPS agadi mero status legal thiyena.

===> Milchha if you have not been out of status for more than 180 days from the day of your last admission...........if you were paroled in TPS, and if you reside in 6th and 9th circuit, being paroled might constitute admission for the purpose of AOS........ Which implies, your previous unlawful presence will be irrelevant.............I urge you to seek advice from a (or many) competent attorney if you have a sponsoring employer with job that matches your skill set and education (usually jobs requiring at least a Bachelors degree or higher)

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