Posted by: frustu September 23, 2019
will s386 really be approved?
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If this bill gets passed it’s game over for Nepalis.... Indians are trying hard to pass this bill, many are sending emails to senator and lots of lobbyists involved.

It’ll be bad for folks from rest of the world , not from the green card perspective itself but also from Job perspective. Indians will take over pretty much every job out there. Right now they’re restricted from applying some jobs cuz most don’t have green card, but imagine what will happen if they all get green card ? It’s going to be tough out there.

I hope it doesn’t pass as that’ll give most of the visas to Indians and one country will benefit whole rest of the world has to wait years for green card.

Indians have a long wait for green card currently coz of the massive exploitation of by lot of consultancies , so that’s what caused the backlog , not anyone else’s fault. 90% of H1Bs are taken by Indians right now.

Now, if they get 90% Green card, Rest of the world will suffer in this country.
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