Posted by: nepaliketo12 June 9, 2019
बिभिन्न अस्पताल र क्लिनिकमा रगत र पिसाब जांच गर्दा बिभिन्न रिजल्ट आउँदा बिरामीले के गरोस? कसको भरोशा गर्ने?
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This is called "writing a news about the field which you have absolutely no idea about." First of all, the journalist needs to know, all data from labs are compared based on a range of value. For example, a person's blood pressure doesn't stay the same throughout the day" sometime it can be 130/80 or even 120/70. As long as, the value is below 140/90, we call it a normal blood pressure. If one hospital shows 130/80 for BP and another shows 120/70, it will be immature to go around saying "there's discrepancy among hospitals in result," because the discrepancy is due to body's static change in blood pressure.

Around 4:42min of this video, the news person starts saying, "platelet count in this hospital is this value, but in the other hospital is another value." However, he fails to mention that normal platelet value is between 150,000 - 450,000 and the reports from all hospitals were normal. Of course, the particular numerical number can fluctuate quite a lot; hence, the huge range for normal value. This is not because the instrument picked up a wrong value; instead, at the time when his blood was drawn, that was the number of platelets in his body. No matter what, the person had normal platelet count in lab reports from all hospitals. Same goes for all other lab values that the guy mentions in this video.

This is an example of very poor news writing. Journalist should have consulted with some expert in the field to figure out how to interpret the result, rather than creating a chaotic sensation, giving a wrong message that lab values are different in different places.
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