Posted by: sara_solta11 April 29, 2019
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My english is not very good. Milayara bujnu hola.


Yes, you are correct not everyone is fortunate to have relatives, elders or friends to guide them.
Thank you very much for raising this topic and I believe you brought this to inform, educate & minimize such college dropouts by Nepali folks that may happen in future. I would like to contribute on your good deeds by adding my comment where I believe you could have made it more clear or explain with the fact or providing ideas how to avoid such mistakes.

1. You said you get to know from big media that flow of Nepali student in US University has increased or big.
>>>>> Where is the data or what is the source of this information. I find this information misleading. It would been convincing to see facts and numbers to accept your claim.
2. You said international student has to pay out of state/ international student fee that is high, which you are correct but you failed to inform how to be eligible for in-state tuition fee. Getting instate is not always an option. .
>>>>>> There are many colleges and states that offer instate tuition ( especially public colleges). It would been nice if you had mentioned, it definitely lowers education cost. You or any one interested to know about colleges and states that offers instate fee, message me I can provide you information that I know of.
3. You mentioned tuition fees between residents and international students in different colleges like University of Tampa, Messa University.
>>>> How does it help to lowers college drop out letting Nepali folks know about fees? If I were you I would have put information how to get scholarship or rather go to less expensive colleges.
4. Processing by consultancies. (This is by far the most misleading information and incoherent. You have been covering lots of unrelated things).
>>>>>> How is it related between processing thru consultancy and tuition fee? I have never heard that college charge different fee for someone applying thru consultancy or self. It would been more convincing if you had said the differences in tuition fees between applying thru consultancy and self.

5. Paying college fee by working illegal.
>>>> From 7:35 and 8:00 mins, you mentioned that the way to pay college fee is by working illegally (under the table), which is incorrect and misleading. No one should rely on under the table job to pay college fee. Saying so you are encouraging to work against the law that could harmful.
6. Working 40 hrs is not enough to eat and live.
>>>>>>> How can a international student work 40 hrs? F1 student can work 20 hrs per week only in college. Stop providing misleading information.

7. Consultancy makes 15% off of student's first year tuition fee.
>>> Does it mean college charge tuition fee + 15% to pay commission? But as far as I know tuition fee is same either student apply thru consultancy or self ( My myself, applied thru consultancy and my friend who applied self (her sister helped her thru application) paid same amount of tuition fee in the past.

After 11 mins I could not go further............

On your youtube video's intro:
Remove "plans to work at least 72 hours a week" on first paragraph. F1 can not work 72 hrs and it is impossible to do good on college working 72 hrs even they are allowed.

P.S: I had these comments as constructive criticism to make your video more effective to intended group of audience. If I had offended author in any way, I like to apologize in advance.

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