Posted by: neurologist March 20, 2019
37 lies Americans tell themselves to avoid confronting reality
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My posts sets off cognitive dissonance on most folks.

I post things that should make people think. If, instead of thinking, they follow their brainwashed instinct and try to attack me as they have been programmed to do so, then all I can do is feel sorry for them, and I do. People are losing their ability to think by blindly believing in their so called masters. From centuries, people have tried to find something or someone to look up to. The same thought process has created religion and it creates servile groups of people everywhere who want to follow orders and follow the things that are given to them blindly. For example the priest class benefits in spite of all damning condemnations. Such is the case with the vatican which has been immersed in child abuse for time immemorial yet their powers and the need for common defeatist man to heed to the bigger calling, ensures that they stay in power and the very people they abuse will end up defending them.

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