Posted by: neurologist March 7, 2019
Why you can't trust the vaccines 100%
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No more crush, people living at the time of slavery thought that slavery was good.
People living in times when women were segregated thought that it was a good law and they protested against women having equal rights.
Right now, powerful vaccine manufacturers are coordinating with lawmakers to make lot of unnecessary vaccines part of process so it seems like it's the most normal thing to do.

Slavery did get abolished. Women have equal rights. It's just a matter of time till the general population can reasonably be concerned about what gets injected into their babies from institutions that are not liable to reveal the contents or for any damage whatsoever.

Magdadela, I stopped taking flu shots for the past 10 years and got flu one time during those 10 years. I have friends who take that shot every other year and they still get flu every year. There are many vaccines which are pretty much unnecessary but of course it's all about money. Every time someone gets a vaccine, the industry probably makes hundreds if not thousands of dollars as the medical expense is super high. So they would obviously keep wanting people to get vaccinated.
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