Posted by: lamjung October 1, 2018
Sending US born toddler to Nepal
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आनन्दजी, अनि मोदी पनि ६ वर्ष लागेपछि बल्ल बोलेको, अझ सी जिनपिङ्ग त झनै ढिलो बोलेका रे, एउटा भिडियो बनाउनु हुन्थ्यो कि आइन्स्टाइनको बारेमा पनि?

It's a parents' decision to try whatever is possible. I see absolutely no problem for that child to stay with grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and so many others for few months in Nepal. Kids at that age can learn multiple languages. It also increases the bond with parents' relatives.

I don't believe in Suryavinayak thing, but its' definitely OK to hike to that place in one lovely Dashain morning and do the ritual (don't about the method) as long as it does not hurt the child or anyone else.
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